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Crazy Dreams

September 28, 2007

Last night was one of those nights where I had crazy dreams.  Weird in the sense that nothing made sense, and really I could spend all morning laughing at one part of the dream that when I think about it now I must have thought a little too much about that Barry Bonds thing yesterday. 

Now before you go all crazy on me and wonder what I drempt about.  I just drempt that Barry Bonds was my personal trainter and Barry knows best.  Of course here I am in my dream remembering this late 80’s early 90’s advertisment campain by Nike for Bo Jackson, and “Bo Knows”.  So I was litterally telling some people who told me in my dream that I shouldn’t listen to Barry, and I said “Yeah, well, well….. Barry Know’s Best.” 

That was just one part of a crazy dream that occured last night, and the rest well I will keep to myself. 

But on a side note, I am so tired, and things are hectic for about 2 weeks now, and I really won’t get to sleep in until next Saturday, and by then I may sleep a million years.  No time to do dishes, and my roomates are too lazy to do them, so tomorrow afternoon, when I get home I will have to go and do them.  Some other good things are that I have recently gotten my hands on some cool older movies.  Bloodsport, Streetfighter, and The Fifth Element to name a few.  I think Chris Tucker made that movie funny.  So maybe my problem with my dreams are the new vitamins I am taking, and all these vintage movies that I am watching.  Who knows, well I should get off to work now.  If something happens wonderful on the weekend I will write about it then.  Oh and I am so happy, yes, very happy indeed.  I got both of my hockey pools up and running. YAY!!! Something else to take up my time in this crazy wonderful world….


The Cubicle Revamped

September 27, 2007

So I sat here this morning wanting something to write.  However I couldn’t remember my user-name and password, or even what email I used to create the stupid thing before.  So this is the new Crazy Cubicle.  The funny thing is that my life isn’t that crazy, but maybe my musings will be so all over the place from day to day that it may drive you nuts.  But hey that is what free speech was invented for, and really I love the fact that I can talk (write) about nothing, and someone may or may not read it.

So today I am going to talk about Mark Ecko.  Yes, you may know him from Ecko clothes, you know that rapper stuff with the rhino on it.  Well it turns out that Ecko is trying to put himself in the limelight again, this time by purchasing Barry Bond’s 756th home run ball, so he can make a name for himself.  It ticks me off in a lot of ways and here is why. 1 He bought this historic ball to make a name for himself.  2) he had people in the public vote on what to do to the ball.  3) Now he is going to brand that ball with an * because Barry “used” performance enhancers, or so all of the media, and everyone assume.  Now I am no Chris Crocker and crying “Leave Britney Alone!”  Barry is Barry, and he can take care of himself.  Until he is proven guilty then there is no evidence to support the allegations.  So Mark Ecko, the white man in his 40’s who is trying to make a name for himself to get some street cred, I say to you… didn’t need to do this to make a name for yourself, you’re still a suburban white boy.  *waggles finger in Mark’s face*  I hope you are proud of yourself……. 😉

Now on to the best news of the day, the Yankees are in the playoffs.  Yes that is all that matters right now.  There is a sweet picture of Derek Jeter hugging A-Rod (now we are friends). 

 Yankees CelebrateAnd I really believe that they have a legitimate shot at winning in the post season.  Of course it will be great to start off the playoffs with a little Boston – NY rivalry.  Truthfully I think the Yankees will pull it off, and after Boston there is no real contender out there.  Maybe there can be another subway series.  Who knows time will tell.  Well for now I should get to some work, so I am off to the Crazy World of the Cubicle……..