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October 28, 2008

Sorry to all my “fans” I wasn’t able to post yesterday due to work.  And today is actually no better, however I wanted to takethe time to just drop a little line to let you all know that I am still alive.  I am still alive!


I can’t write too much, as I am under the gun as it were.  I will be joining a good cause in the month of November, now being called MOVEMBER.  I will be creating a team to grow a moustach for the month of November from clean to grown for prostate cancer.  Tis very honourable on my part *pats self on back*.

For anyone wanting to join or make your own team check out the following linky.

Sweet deals…… thanks in advance if you are joining.

Now onto the World Series, game 5 was rained out tied in the sixth inning.  First time a World Series game was postponed due to rain.  And if fate has it’s way it will be raining there tonight which would push back game 6 (if the Rays win).  Interesting, never has happend before this is HISTORY!!!

Now I have to go back to work.  Check out my friends on the left for some great reading.  Cheers….


You Made Your Face Grow!

October 24, 2008

That was said to me by my daughter.  What a kid, she keeps telling me that she is taller than me.  And she is almost there.  But last night, I said see kiddo you aint taller than me yet.  And she says “I was taller than you the other day, you made your friggen face grow. I JUST SEEN YOU! It was so funny I thought I would comment on that today.  And that I am sick today, so I won’t be writting much more than this. 

Rays won game 2 with a 4-2 score.  Looks like it will be the best World Series in years.  Have a good safe weekend!


Super Heroz

October 23, 2008

I’ve taken part in a debate of sorts over the past few weeks with a Radio Station host here in my home town.  I am taking the road that yes I liked at least 90% of the superhero movies that have been produced in the past few years.  And he (boo) is saying that while they are producing movies, they aren’t producing good/great ones. 

Although I did get half way through and realized that I did like them, I didn’t love them quite as much as I thought I did.  With exceptions to the following movies, Ironman, Hulk (2008), Batman Dark Knight, Ghost Rider, and Transformers.  Everyone else (spiderman, superman, daredevil, xmen, elecktra, punisher) had flaws, and all could be re-done.  However there are a few that sucked royal ass.  Ang Lee’s Hulk is a failure at best, and even then it couldn’t muster the testicular fortitude to be a half decent flick.  And then there is everyones disaster  The original Batmans (although entertaining at the time, they aren’t so much anymore except Jim Carey as the riddler).

I will keep my line and give the host all the reasons that these movies did rock.  And since he loved Batman Begins I had to find every excuse to say that it sucked.  Which didn’t take me long…. 🙂 I’ve realized that if you want to really hate something, that you can do so, and find at least 3 or more reasons why you hated it.  🙂  I am a prick aren’t I?

It’s all in good fun, and no one will get hurt from the comments, unless it’s Ang Lee, he can jump off a bridge or something.  In any case I am not suggesting anything to him (do it, do it). 

Now my biggest beef right now is this….they are going to change Col James Rhodes from Terrence Howard to Don Cheadle…..what a farse….this is Terrence’s baby now, let him have it.  Let him be War Machine fecking bastiches……


Wednesday (New Friday)

October 22, 2008

Welcome to new Friday! This helps me to get through the work week realatively easy.  Since Friday is basically Saturday, and Thursday a total write off, today becomes the new Friday.  It helps time pass, and really makes my week thinking of it this way.  First note, my sister is still being a fucking cunt, she can’t help it people she is good at it.  Great in-fact, I will say she is great at it.  And since that will never change I have made a note in my head to ignore her until she grows up.  And since Hell hasn’t frozen over yet, I don’t think she will either.  However there are other things besides my sister that I would love to waste precious webspace on.

World Series:

Game one starts tonight, and there are lots of reasons to cheer for either team.  Some outweigh others, however I will give you a breakdown of each.

Philadelphia Phillies:  Oldest Professional Baseball Team in America (only has one World Series Title).  They have sucked more than any other team in history.  And when they are good (which they are right now) they are great.  Matt Stairs has Canadian connection (never been to the post season).  Jamie Moyer (460 years young) has his first, and only chance to help his beloved Phillies become baseballs best within the next 7 games.  And last but not least the City Of Brotherly Love hasn’t held a championship in the city (unless you count arena american football) since the Phillies last won the WS in 1980.

Tampa Bay Rays

The feel-good team of the year.  From dead last to first, the real Cinderella team of the year.  They have the lowest payroll in the Majors.  There is about 200 million between them and the Yankees.  And although I am a Yankee fan, I am sort of rooting for the Rays to win because they deserve it just as much or more than Philly.  The rest of Canada will be cheering for the Phillies because of Matt Stairs.  And moi, I am very happy that the Rays defeated the Red SUCKS!!! And winning the WS with the lowest payroll just proves that all you need is HEART!!!

That is all I will say besides I am saying this series is over in 7 with the Phillies taking it. (I said I was rooting for the Rays, I didn’t say they would win.  Philly is a better team, and has a proven closer. Beat THAT!!)

Lastly but not least.  NHL head brass have their head up their ass.  They are thinking of putting another club in Toronto.  Look from one Leafs fan, to the millions of others in our beloved Leafs Nation.  They are thinking of sharing the ACC with another franchise (if it goes through) this is bullshit, and every Leafs Nation Fan should be on their feet saying no.  And boycott any other NHL team that comes to the ACC as a home team other than the Leafs.  Bastards…..

Canada does deserve another NHL franchise, before another goes up in the States or overseas.  Winnipeg or Hamilton are great choices.  Too bad for the Buffalo franchise if fans from Hamilton stop going to their games, Buffalo sucks assssssssses…..


Werking From Home

October 21, 2008

There are some distinct differences when one is working from home.  Today I am working from home because my lovely wife whom is pregnant, had a doctors appointment today to review the ultrasound, and other details.  However there was a few catches to this.  The hospitals radiologist (or whatever they are called) who reviews the ultrasound, didn’t do it at all since it was completed early Friday morning, and had a “rush order” on it.   This is due to the cramping, they want to make sure it’s planted well, and not in the tube or anything like that.  However since it’s been over a week since there was any spotting, and the pain is starting to be less.  The doctor (who on Friday had a plastic tool inside my wife to check out her cervix) said that since the pain is getting less she thinks that everything is going as planned and the little one is starting to double in size every day. 

Now I told my wife today that I am so not cluing in to the fact that she is pregnant, and when I do think about it, I get all excited and anxious.  Well now we are just waiting for the Doctor to call so we can know if everything is A-OK. 

Now to the other things that are bad for working at home.  You can easily get distracted.  One I am not feeling that hot today, I think I am starting to come down with something.  And two the maintenance man is here to fix up the place a bit (fix the closet doors, and to replace the counter in the kitchen).  And last but not least, my wife is watching a baby story (I just seen the new counter it is beige).  And there are ladies trying to squeeze out a little pumpkin out of her gaping vagina.  And their husbands or boyfriends freaking out, one of the chaps is ready to hurl (I hope he does). 

One last note to leaf with you all.  Check out this website for some fun.

It uses face recognition technology, and puts your face in some amazing pictures.  Give it a try. 

Distractions are a big reason to not work at home, but also a great reason to once in a while work at home and be less productive than most days (and still reap the benefits).  However this client is a great client, and I try to have good morals.  So as always I will be working (late) from home as to make sure they get their moneys worth out of me.  Or just shoot the day out the window and use banked time (cos I feel not good).  I will see.


Thick Headed

October 20, 2008

Since my sister doesn’t have a clue about this blog, I think it’s totally appropriate to tell everyone what an udder cunt (wow didn’t think I would call her that) she is being.  Last night she calls me all upset that I didn’t pick up a baby swing for my brother who is going to have a baby a short time before Terra and I do.  However she has a standing hatred, and grudge for my brother.  And she thinks that she is well justified to hold said grudge.  She feels like my sister-in-law stole her brother from our family.  However I tell her that she needs to let this stupid thing go, and just move on.  Well last night it started to reach epic proportions, and I went to her house to get this little swing that took up no room at all.  And remove it from her place before it creates a black hole and sucks us all up.  See when it comes to my brother (to which she claims to love all her family but is quick to write everyone off) she totally has a disdain for him because he doesn’t visit.  Well he lives on the outskirts of town, and he works from home, and while he is working he has a little one to tend to, and after he is done work he works on his new house so that he can get it ready for the new arrival.  So it’s no wonder he has little time for himself.  And to try to squeeze everyone else in is kinda hard, and I can feel his pain, as I do try to fit in everyone.  But some people (like my crazy ass sister) feels left out.  Well sorry Mrs Pickle up your ass that I have a family, work, and things to do.  And I can’t just leave everything like you choose to do, and go to Tim Horton’s and hang out with everyone but your own family (her husband and kids).  She leaves them at home whilst she hangs out with her friends, and skirts all responsibilities at home, family, and husband.  Makes me sick……she is fucking demented.  I told her to get over herself, and that is my last piece of advice to her, as she has “kicked” me out of her life….Cunt 

Okay, now onto some good stuff…..last week and during the weekend some retards are going around town in a black Grand Am, and firing BB guns at people through open windows.  People are getting minor injuries, and that sucks for them.  However if the little bastards get caught they could face weapons charges, and up to 10 years in jail.  Little feckers I hope they get it too. 

And in the world of sports.  The Rays are going to meet the Phillies in the World Series.  This is just what I wanted.  NO BOSTON RED SUCKS in it.  It’s a great week now.  Write you all tomorrow.  Oh and if anyone has an idea on what I should be for Halloween to hand out candy let me know.  I was thinking of getting the mask (or doing my face in paint) like the Joker (Heath Ledger) and judging by my wife’s face when I had the mask on it would be awesome.  Or a medieval evil knight.  Let me know…… Cheers Mates


I’m Late, And You’re Pregnant

October 17, 2008

Now that I admitted that I am so late today to post.  There was lots to do, and I’m sorry.  So my day started off quite well, except I was more tired than a ho working Broadway for 365 days straight with a couple of thousand tricks a day.  And by the time I got to start to write this the kids are at home saying they are hungry.   And I tell them they have no idea what hungry is, and remind them of the little kids in Africa.  Supper is a great meal, rice, salad, and marinated slouvaki pork chops.  It smells great!

However today was alot of runnng around.  Doctors office after breakfast with my lovely wife.  At the doctors she checked out her cervix (which reminds me I have to do some research so that I can see what happens myself).   However good news is there is no discharge, bleeding or anything else.  And the cervix is closed.  So after she put the plastic tool down there to get a better look, I figured I should wipe the smirk off my face before my wife slapped it off.  But I totally wasn’t expecting that, and hadn’t prepared myself for entre de la vagina with a plastic tool so lubed you woulda thought she was geting an oil change.

After that we got an appointment at the hospital for an ultrasound, so we won’t know the results until Tuesday.  Will let you all know then what happend.  Tomorrow is picture day for our family, my brothers family, and my sisters.  All together, and it should be a great picture suprise for my parents from all of us.  And a bad experience for the rest of us, because my sister has a pickle stuck so far up her ass I am smell pickle juice when she talks, when it comes to my brother and his wife.  Kill me because I have no idea why I planned this……..

Byessss, have a good weekend….