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November 19, 2008



To speak or write in an angry or violent manner; rave.

My rant today is on the belief that we have to change our beliefs on account of people not believing in something.  Wow I know this is a shock to some, however I was told at work the other day that it is no longer called a Christmas Party but a Holiday Party due to the multiculturalism that is displayed in the office.  I have no problem with other cultures.  I have no problem with free speech.  However I do have a problem when I am being forced to call Christmas a Holiday because someone may not believe in it.  So here goes the rant of the century on this.  And I am sure it won’t be the last. 

Next year for Remembrance Day, and Veterans Day are to be changed to Dead Soldiers Day because there are countries out there, and people who do not recognize this day.  We don’t want to offend them.  We have people from Japan, and Germany living in our countries, and we sure as hell don’t want to offend them.  No, actually let’s not celebrate it at all.  It is in fact just something that was one man trying to prove the size of his cock, and all these innocent men died because someone with a “bigger” cock wanted to ass rape him with his men.  Let’s just do that.  Let’s not celebrate nothing at all, because some where along the line we are going to offend someone. 

No more birthdays, because someone who is older will be offended that you are younger.  Don’t celebrate Graduations because someone will be jealous that their baby didn’t graduate because thier child is a moron. Don’t celebrate anything anymore no more wedding anniversaries, because all the single people will be offended.  Oh and while we are at it, we may as well just put swastikas on our clothes, and then we can embrace Communism as well so we don’t offend anyone who believes in it.  Actually we should take a piece of everything in the world and all believe in it because we are all mindless drones, and we don’t want to offend anyone. 

Why does it come down to offend someone?  WHO CARES if I say Merry Christmas and it offends someone.  Are they going to think less of me if I don’t say Happy Holidays?  You know what offends me

Pedophiles, rapists, murderers, are they going to stop being those things?  No…………………………….




Jim Jones

November 13, 2008

I was carusing the internet, you know riding down the information super highway.  And I ran across the last 45 mins of the Jonestown suicide revelution.  Now I have been in religion, and I know what God is all about.  But this guy is so whacked, and he brought down many people with him, and caused them to believe in himself.  Declaring himself a prophet of God.  And now I see why sometimes it’s hard for people to believe in a God when there are monsters that do crap like this.  There is one person however, and I am reminded of somewhere where I heard that God offers a way out, and amazing as it is, she is filled with common sense.  She is thinking that she has every right to live, just like the kids (who drank that drink and died first) have rights to live their life.  And no one is agreeing with her.  Everyone is jumping on her, and saying that the Jones guy has done everything for them.  I can’t believe all the sensless actions that have happened in the world, at men’s hands who decide to take others down with there insane thinking.  This really is a disturbing tape, and I can’t believe that some of the people I have talked to over the past few years were right about some of the religious lunatics in this world.  That wrap themselves in with the same level as God.  I know I usually don’t talk like this, however this is the first time that I see what happens, and the results of following a man.  Sad, it’s really sad. 

On a side note, work has been overwhelming of late.  Too crazy to comment on today.  I could do that tomorrow.  🙂 Cheers Mates……


Work, Work All Week Long

November 6, 2008

Alan Jackson Goodtime song says it all.  All week long you work, you sit there at work, when you go home your mind is still enveloped in work, and on the weekend guess what you are thinking?  Work is right around the corner.  Dreaded Monday…..fucking great, two days “off” if you don’t count renovations as work think again.  Always working sucks, and never working really sucks.  So I just am at the sucking stage.  And speaking of sucking here is an interesting story from down the highway.

1.5 weeks ago a boy got into a fight with his parents over an XBOX.  He was spending too much time on it, playing people on the internet and all that stuff like that.  Well his parents took his XBOX away, and he ran out the door.  Now yesterday some hunters came across his body and now he is dead.  It’s really a trajic story, and I do feel bad for the parents.  And really it was sad that it got to that point.  However I don’t care if I would have been thrown in jail.  But if my kid were to run out on me over a video game or something as petty as that.  I would have not hesitated one bit, found his ass, brough him back home, and smashed the shit out of that game with him watching.  And then I would have told him that I would watch out for him.  I would never be able to live with myself if this happend to me.  The boy was 15 years old, and now he is dead over an XBOX.  It’s sad, really sad.

Well now that I took a few seconds to write some shit that no one will ever read anyhow, I feel happy.  Back to the box that constricts all our lives……the cubicle


The Canyon

November 5, 2008

So I am a little tired this morning, I didn’t fall asleep until about 12:30.  This is all due to the concert I was at last night.  I won free passes to go see the Megaprize Concert that was being put on by the country station in my town.   It was a great show, I am a country boy at heart, my Grandparents used to tour all over singing back in the day, and I grew up around this influence (I do like most genres of music though).  But how can you pass up a free concert.  I will break down the artists for you.  The first one was Alex J Robinson,  I was quite suprised at the pipes on this petite blonde.  She looked good from far away, but she was far from good up close, I got an autograph from her for my kids, and she was nice, just not as cute as she looked in her pictures.  Now onto Beverly Mahood, she was awesome, great voice, strong, and great fun.  Although she did tick me off a bit by wearing her poppy on her belt.  It goes over your heart……other then that, I got her autograph on her new cd not even out in stores yet.  She is really a beautiful lady, I have my picture with her (yes she did touch me, she put her arm around me she did.)  She is really skinny, she looks super small compared to me.

Now onto George Canyon, I can say that before this night I wasn’t a huge Canyon fan, but now I am totally sold.   The guy is larger than life, he can sing, and he will be good for a long time.  I got his autograph as well.  I brought my grandmother to the concert, she had a great time throwing back a few cold ones, getting to touch George Canyon after, the sweet lady even bought me a shirt.  Wifey didn’t want to go as she is pregnant, and didn’t want to get bumped. 

Now onto the presidential race, to which we learnt at the concert that OBAMA won, now we are all Canadian, but we cheerd.   We were asked if we liked Mcaine (sp?) and we all bood…… good for Obama, he is the real first intelligent President they will have since Reagan.  Good choice for America


Christmas is mere…..

November 3, 2008

weeks away, and here I am more unprepared for anything of this magnitude in all my life.  However I do have a few gifts bought, just not as much as I wish I would have about this time.  My wife and I decided to purchase PSPs for the kids this year, and we haven’t gotten them yet.  I feel terrible, and I should, especially if they don’t have any, we will be fucked…..royally fucked.

Anyhow I don’t have much time to write today, I wish I did.  However here is a little webspace I found for more productive ways to complain about anything….. anyone wishing to have a stroke at the hands of some people who want to just rant, and make no sense at all.  Check out this little web page.

Have fun, hopefully I will be able to write more tomorrow, however tomorrow is a big day for me.  Free concert, I will explain more tomorrow.  🙂