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Big Ass!

December 24, 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts lately (not that people actually read this).  However it’s been insanly crazy the past few weeks.  However there is one thing that troubles me to no end.  The other day I lost my wedding ring.  I fell in the snow, and I was brushing off my pants and wham it was gone.  I’ve searched every inch of the area I lost it in, and it dissapeared into thin air.  I feel like an ass.  My wife isn’t mad, however I want to bring back my IPod that I just got to exchange it for a new ring.  She insists that I shouldn’t.  I am terribly heart broken.  I don’t know what to do. …..



Sadly missed xoxo

December 4, 2008

We thought we were headed for good news today.  Looking for a little bundle of joy that we have been so excited for.  For the past few months we have been very excited to be pregnant.  And everything was looking good.  My wife went into the ultrasound room alone with the technician.  And it seemed like an agonizing life time, I finally seen my wife, she went out to the bathroom, and I looked at her from across the way and she shrugged her shoulders.  I finally got to go into the room, and I was met with a look of dispair.  She explained to me what happend.  The technician, had done her ultrasound asked her how long she was along,  and she left.  She came back with a doctor and he gave us the bad news.  The baby had no heart beat, and well we were both devistated.  And still are, how cruel can life be?  How much dissapointment needs to happen in life time.  I am very happily married, and I love my wife with all I am.  She means the world to me.  But if this kind of dissapointment were to keep happening, I don’t think it is fair to her. 

Don’t get me wrong I would love to have a child of my own.  But I am really starting to believe that I am just to be a father to the ones that she brought into my life.   They are great kids, and really I couldn’t ask for any better, and although I am not technically their flesh and blood father, I do love them as if they were my own.  They bring me great joy, and happiness.  And I hope I would be a great dad to them, as I would try to be for my own. 

Although this sucks to the 10th degree, I know that it’s probably for the better.  I do miss the little one that was there, and yes I love it still.  We both will.  It’s what we were meant to do. WE love you….


SNOW, Snow, snow….

December 1, 2008

I wasn’t walking in a winter wonderland no I was driving in a winter storm warning.  You know if you’ve never been in one you really don’t know what you are missing.  Let me run it down for you.  First you have to shovel your way to your car (or vehicle of choice).  In my case I have my car, and my wife’s van.  Clean around them for easy walking.  Then clear all the snow off the vehicles, scrape the windows clean.  Start the vehicle (this really helps global warming)  Let it run for about 15-20 mins before departure.   Then drive in snow covered streets for many kilometers (in my case about 80, 2 for the wife).  With people who get impatient, forget how to drive.  And put every ones life at risk.  Other then that the snow comes down continually and it looks great.  I like the snow, it’s refreshing.  I would like it way better if I had a snow mobile.  However as luck and fate would have it.  There is no such pleasureable units in my possession. 

Oh and I forgot that you can’t see the centre line at all and you have to just kinda guess that you are in the right lane.   And the fun is just beginning.  I did have a little scare on the mine road, I fell into a grove which tested my defensive driving to 1/3 it’s capabilities.  But I do take time to practice controlled skids in empty parking lots, and on streets.  Not with my wife or kids in the car, but my wife still thinks I am going to get a ticket.  I would just explain to the officer that I am preparing for the worst. It is always fun to do as well.  Drifting / controlled skids are great. 

Weekend was full of fun……NOT…. however I won’t get into details, but it sucked monkey ass.  Yesterday was good, and Friday was good.   There will be daily entries from now on, even if it is small.  I just want to use the creative side of my brain, whichever side that may be.  Anyhow have a fun day.