January 26, 2009

Thursday night is the reason I hadn’t posted on Friday.  I went for a sleep test on Thursday night at the hospital.  The wires they hookup to you make you feel like you are invovled in alien abduction investigations or something of that nature.  So you have to sleep whilst having 100 cables running from various parts of your body (I’m actually suprised they didn’t hook them up to my balls).  Anyhow now you have to sleep with all these foriegn bodies on your body.  And in a cold room, air conditioned (in the winter no less).  I woke up and checked for my balls which in their bid to keep warm retreated for the evening.  But the worst part is that my uvula was swollen.  No word of a lie.  It was huge.  This has happend before, most times when I had to sleep on my back, but not this bad.  Anyhow the long story short is that it’s still a bit swollen on Monday morning.

Onto other news, I am still gearing up towards my first pod-cast.  Once it is out, I will let you know.

Looks like the Pope has irritated some Jews.  The Nazi claims there were no Jews killed by Nazi gas chambers.  Fucking liar……we all know they were you bastard.  You’re evil, and you made Pope John Paul II cry.


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