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February 20, 2009

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, if you think working 12 hours straight being uneventful.  I wake up really early and hit the gym.  I should do this all the time, and most times I have to beat myself to get up to go do it.  If I honestly had to do it for myself I don’t think I could.  But I made a promise to my wife, and kids that I would.  And I have to keep that promise as a husband and father.  I have to be honest.  I can’t believe how far I have let myself go.  But it is a long road back, and I am going to take it. 


Anyhow yesterday was kind of neat.  I will take the Piqued road, and make it so that no one knows who I am (except a few), and change the names in the stories.  I am at a place in Northern Sask, that is all I can say about that.  I am working at a mine.  There is another engineer who is from the same town as I am, I will be calling him Benjamin Grimm.   There is also Kid Rock, and Red Bull.  For now most of my day yesterday was with Kid Rock, and Red Bull.  Kid Rock works well for him, he is the youngest, looks sorta like Kid Rock, and is from NFLD (Newfoundland).  Red Bull is from Sask, he is a native Indian.  And an all around great guy.  We spend the day playing with a sonar machine.  It was really quite fun.  Then I met Red Bulls cross shift who I will call….well actually give me a day on that one, I haven’t quite thought it out yet.  Well I am off to work again, its 6:34 local time, and I hate the time shift.  I would be at work already in Sudbury and when these guys still have 4 hours left in their day, I am usually done.  I can’t wait for days like that.




First Full Day At Site

February 19, 2009

Today is the first full day of me out at site.  Emotionally I am just not all here.  I am still at home with my lovely wife.  I really hate being away from her.  She is just that good baby.  Anyhow, I actually hated the flight yesterday.  And if that pilot is an indication of the class of pilot that this aviation company hires to fly people around, it’s no wonder that they are soley contracted out to the company that brings all of us here.  You get spoiled flying on big commercial airlines like Air Canada, it’s still nerve racking, but at least when you are landing you aren’t wondering if you are taking your final breaths in this life.  Now I am not kidding, I am an ok passenger on a plane.  I am not too nervous, but I am a little nervous.  I don’t go crazy and I don’t need medication, however I could have used some yesterday.  Here I am enjoying my flight, and takeoff and air was good.   Service was way better on this plane then the bigger ones.  However we get to our first stop on the way to the mine, and as we are landing I am feeling the plane pitching left and right, and turning to hit the runway.  Now I am no professional, but I could land that thing a lot better than that.  I gritted my teeth fearing the worst, and nothing happened.  However the slamming on of the brakes didn’t lessen my fear too much.  We took off again, and we had another stop, this landing was a little bit better.  The last take off was good.  And then we flew off to the mine site.  We are in the air for about 45 mins for this flight, in total the whole flight (which was delayed for 45 mins) took about 2 hours.  Last approach, and pitchy, fuck I thought that it was the end.  That we are going down, and my wife will get a call saying I am now runway splatter.  Totally not cool, but to my surprise the handicapped pilot landed the small ATR on the big runway. 


I spent the rest of the day in training, and then crashed early this time, it was about 9 o’clock SASK time, but 10pm my regular time.  This morning I was up at 4 am local time so I don’t throw off my clock.  I hit the gym for the first time in ever, but it felt good.  Breakfast was great.  Now I am in my room for my first full 12 hour shift.  I wish I could sleep, I found out recently that I have sleep apnea, and I will need a machine for sleeping.  Which should give me more energy, and possibly help with losing weight.  So when I am at home I get to go for that test.  Anyhow I am off to work, hopefully I get to post this sometime today.


Leaving Tomorrow

February 16, 2009

Well, the time is here for me to fly away half way across the country.  I don’t know what it’s like really to wonder what it would be like to live in a small country.  Canada is quite big, really when you think about it, it’s like from China to the UK it’s really huge.  And it’s all ours.  So it’s like I am flying from somewhere in the east like say southern russia, and ending up in western / northern russia, it’s quite large.  Anyhow I am going to work at a uranium mine for a little bit, it should be fun, I will keep you posted.

Small post today as it is family day a holiday in Ontario, check ya all later.


The Arctic

February 6, 2009

So I’ve not had any time to blog, and next week doesn’t look promising either.  As it turns out on the 17th I am heading out to Saskatoon, then North of 60.  I will be on a 2 week in 2 week off rotation.  And the summer time in my beautiful city will be warm, I will be freezing my balls off.  However I will be taking this time to use the beautiful facilities at the mine I will be going to, and getting in shape.  So it will / should be good for that very reason.  However I will miss my wife, and kids.  That is the hardest part, and I know that will be hard the first flight out.  She will have a hard time to drive home after that. 

I guess the hardest part about being away for such a time is feeling alone, and seperated.  It sucks, and really is hard on any kind of relationship.  However (and this is mushy yes), love will keep us strong. 

Short one today, and all week as I have to head out to another mine site, and have some fun doing the JHSC stuff that I need to do.  Should be fun, YEAH!!!