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Penguins And Lakers New Champions

June 15, 2009

Since it is well worth mentioning, there were two major championships handed out this weekend.  The Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup defeating the defending champion Detriot Redwings in 7 games.  I love this story because it was great to see the best hockey player in the world get his first Stanley Cup, and continue to keep his young career off to a bang.  Sid the Kid is amazing and I wonder how much longer they will call him Sid the Kid.  But I watched the whole game, it was fast paced.  And it was simply amazing.  There were a couple of tense moments near the end of the game, like Detriot scoring a goal and making it a one goal game.  And then a puck off the cross bar.  It was great though.

Now last night there were was a boring game last night in the NBA, actually it wasn’t quite bad, but I don’t like Kobe Bryant.  He may be good, but he isn’t that good.  He isn’t Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, or even Lebron James.  One guy that I have come to like out of it all is Dwight Howard. Man that guy can jump.  At the All Star Game a few months ago he set up at 12 foot basket and he dunked in it so easy he could have set up at 14 foot I’m sure.  So in case you have noticed the Lakers did win the NBA championship, and last night in LA, there were riots, and fires, and stolen goods.  It’s crazy how stupid people get.  So for now until 2010 when the Spurs win, I will end my recap of the worst final in recent memory (because the Lakers won, and I don’t like them. I would have given a better recap if it were the Orlando Magic, they would have deserved it).



June 12, 2009

Recently my wife and I got tattoos done.  I’ve always wanted one, so I knew what I would get should I get one one day.  Mine is Superman logo.  I know it seems a bit geeky, or childish.  But I have always liked Superman since I was a young lad.  I actually have a Superman phone that rings with the music, a 3′ action figure, a kyte, a placemat, a poster, a bank, a small action figure, a watch, a pillow, lip gloss, a necklace, a hat, and now my tattoo.  Great job by Joel took 2 Hours it’s really sweet.

My wifes tattoo took 2.5 hours.  It’s sweet too.  Check it out below.

You can check out more of Joels work at.

Sweet Ass Tattoo!

Sweet Ass Tattoo!



Crazy Cubicle New Era

June 5, 2009
New Cubicle Artwork For Podcasts

New Cubicle Artwork For Podcasts

It’s been a while since I posted last.  Lots have changed since then, and I would like to keep it all up.  Problem is that there are 3 areas of the web to check out the crazy cubicle.  And for now it will have to remain that way until I can get them all together.  So for now I am going to update you on the new ways to check out the crazy cubicle. 

New Podcasts

Podcasts are available, and I love the fact that iTunes is so easy to use.  You can check it out on iTunes, and there should be a new podcast there weekly.  All you have to do is search crazycubicle and it will show up.  Or you can click here -> and you can subscribe to the feed there.  That is the other location of the podcasts as that is where I am hosting it. 

I am looking to bring the crazy cubicle to more areas of the internet then porn resides in.  Okay that is an impossible task.  However I am just working with these 3 areas to bring you more cubicle.  I am working on podcasts at a rate of about one a week.  I am looking to get one out within the next day (possibly today).  So keep looking, and check out my new art work.  I drew it myself, scanned, and adjusted just for you.