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Busy Day Today

September 18, 2009

Well it’s just one of those busy days that I have today.  I have to wait until 9am when the bank opens to go and get some money.  Then do a lot of running around today to get some things, then make supper for my lovely wife and head off to work until mid-night.  It’s not that I mind work at all, actually it’s quite fun.  That is until tonight…..

In the lurch of all this economy crash, I got laid off.  Long story short, I was working for a friend of mine in the Engineering field until there were signs of his business crashing.  I was getting paid up to 8 days late, and I have a family so that is unacceptable.  I quit, and started working at the movie theatre that I worked at before I was in the Engineering field. 

Sooooooo….. tomorrow there is an international film festival here in town.  The sad part is that I have to move 6 prints from one side of the theatre to the other with no realative ease.  I have to wait until they are finished the last show, and move them on a special cart to the other side of the theatre.  It sounds simple, but one little mistake could lead to me never getting home slightly after midnight.  Soooo we will see how this goes tonight, and if something serious happens I will let you know on Monday. 

Saturday will be a good day, kids are gone to thier sperm-donor of a “father” so Terra and I are alone this weekend, tomorrow is a benifit party for a lady with cancer.  So we are going to get drunk a little bit.  Should be great.

Later CC fans

Love, Peace, and Chicken grease…..


It’s Been Crazy

September 17, 2009

Well I see it’s been since June 15th since I made a post.  WTF is up with that?  I have no idea, but the main reason is for the transition onto the podcast, which may or may not being listened to.  However I should at least make a daily write up in here about what is going on.  So from now on I promise that I will make every effort to post.  Everyday. Yes you can get the Crazy Cubicle on iTunes once a week, so I suggest you subscribe to it.  If you want to subscribe to it directly I suppose I can help you with that.

Hey check it out there it is.  Recently I sat down with Napoleon from Watch With Mothers ( and we had a great conversation about WWM and what they are all about.  I think I am seriously their biggest fan, and that’s true because I do weigh an astonishing 375 pounds.  Not that I am proud of that, I just wanted to take the opportunity to plug another project I am working on (See I am very self promoting which may or may not be so good.) I am working on myself (biggest project of them all).  And I am going to chronicle the journey for those of you who are interested.  I am going to chronicle it on WordPress at and also I am starting another podcast to be done weekly as well here .  I really have no fear to put it out there that I am obese, and really I am going to stop talking about that here. I am going to do video blogs sometimes, and mostly podcasts.  It will be great. So check them out.

Ok before I go, I know Kanye is getting a lot of heat this week so I will lay off of him.  He knows it was wrong, so mark my words.

Kanye (Feat Taylor Swift) coming to your ears soon.  It will be a great end to a crappy story.  But we all know Kanye is like that after all he is the one who said that George Bush hates black people or something like that.

OK Talk to you all tomorrow. Laterz CC fans, love peace and chicken grease.