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The Weekendz

January 25, 2010

So the weekend started off great. First payday from my new job.  Going to pay bills, and get set up for Saturday night.   Fast forward to Saturday night. At request of my lovely wife she wanted to see me drunk so I obliged her and hit it hard.  I am not going to brag, but it takes a lot to get me feeling good, much less drunk, and still a lot more to get me D-Runk.  Needless to say the $100 worth of alcohol that we purchased along with that of others who brought over a plethora of booze we hit it all hard.   My wifes friends from work came over, Suzie Q, Bre, G, GAaron, and Martini all showed up.  My wife fed me lots of booze, and 3 shots of something I can’t remember at the moment but it tasted like yummy black licorice.   And we were off to the bar around the corner.  There was a Foo Fighter tribute band playing, and as far as a tribute band goes they were pretty good.  Out of the lot of them, the drummer was really good.  The singer sounded nothing like Dave Grohl, however when you aren’t paying for a ticket, and I get to hear some great songs that I like.  Well it’s worth it.  By the end of the night my wife said I was annoying and that I wouldn’t stop talking.  Which is what she gets now isn’t it? I don’t have much time to write today, as I am banging out some stuff for work during lunch.  And I still have to spell check this bastard, and get it on the internet thing.  How is it by the way that the internet is so common that we think nothing about what actually happens there.  Anyhow I will never understand it, but I will forever like it.

Have a good week all, podcast coming out this Saturday.  For those of you who do care, it’s going to preview the Royal Rumble and possibly some music from Nick or Matt or maybe both of them. 




January 20, 2010

So it’s time to get a little political for a moment.  Now hold on just a second I am not accusing you (the reader) of anything.  However if you fall into this group then hell yes I am going to accuse you.  What am I going to acuse you of? Being a total and utter ass.  If you have any negative comments about the Haitian help that is being provided by the Canadians (I am Canadian), Americans, and Britons.  And whoever else may be helping then you need to seriously check your attitude and swallow your pride.  I have no problem with helping this country which as of today experienced another earthquake almost as strong as the last one.  And so far early estimates are 70,000 dead.  And as I look back on things in recent memory that is the most that I can recall that have died in one earthquake.  Of course I realise that I may not be right on that fact.  However I still think that we as humans need to help eachother out more.  Borders, and Governments agendas stop us from achieving a tranquil society as humans.  Right now we are so destructive against our own Earth-Mates that we would do anything to put people down, to make others feel inadequate.  To have social classes, and catagories for all peoples of all walks of life. 

Think about it, what would it be like with no racism, war, famine, hatred, sensless deaths, and much much more.  But we are a long way away from that.  What would it take to get to that point? I am not sure.  Global conflict? An alien race come to destroy us? Who knows.  It bothers me when people complain about giving the Haitians money in relief efforts.  But why not.  Are they not in need?  What if the shoe was on the other foot? What if you were under the rubble? Would you not want help? I know personally I would.  Take some time and think about it.  If you are worried about how your Government is spending money in relief efforts.  Think about how the three I mentioned are spending a ton more money in war efforts over in Iraq, and Afghanistan.  Then that money now seems so little in comparison.  Sad isn’t it? To take lives costs way more than to save a life? Doesn’t that sound wrong to you? If we all gave just a little bit of ourselves then we would accomplish so much.  But we care too much about ourselves………..

And now that is a sad day indeed!


8 Days a week, and no Post

January 15, 2010

Sorry for the lack of posting over the past little bit.  It’s been quite busy for this fat little lad.  I was going to post yesterday, however the shinternet crapped out, and I couldn’t get on.  So I am making this a small post, and will outline some of the things that I will be recording in tomorrows podcast.

I will be talking about my new job, and how it is very much a joy to work here.  It’s absolutly amazing.  I will be talking about some of the crazy dreams I have been having lately.  I will touch on some of the news from the past two weeks.  Bones of Contention make it’s way back into the podcast.  Oh and I will be recaping two shows from the past week.  Biggest Loser, and American Idol. 

So watch for the podcast, and I will hopefully have some more music from Matt Stevens and this time I will tell you what it’s called.

So have a good safe, and happy weekend, don’t forget to download the podcast tomorrow afternoon from iTunes (The Crazy Cubicle) or from the direct link.

Also give a listen to the old boys over at Watch With Mothers, it’s Friday, and thier podcast will be up soon., and for the last plug of the day, check out Piqued – tis a great read everyday!



Short Un 2day!

January 8, 2010

Well here is a short one today just to hold you over.  It seems all week that I have accidentally been taking a muscle relaxant instead of a water pill to assist me with my blood pressure.  Although I hope to be off of it soon.  All this cardio I have been doing is a great help.  It would explain why I was tired during the day.  Exept the past 2 days.  I shouldn’t be tired, this is nothing new to me.  However this medication should be taken at bedtime.  It’s amazing nothing serious didn’t happen.  Well I it’s the last day of the week, and I am off for the weekend.  I have a fit test tomorrow, so I am hitting the gym hard tonight, as I havent with all the crazyness of ending one job, starting another, and the Christmas Holidays.  So time to get back into a groove. 

Gotta get my 6pack abs. 

Looks like I will be working my core for a while longer.  A long time actually.

Well have good weekends all.

Be Safe!!!!

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease,





January 7, 2010

Wow, this week has totally flown by.  One thing that helps the days go by are podcasts.  Yeah, I actually hardly ever listen to music anymore.  It’s all aboot the podcasts.  I have about 18 that I am subscribed to.  And instead of lying to you I will just name them all.

  1. Adam and Joe
  2. Chris Moyles
  3. The Crazy Cubicle
  4. Dilbert (Animated)
  5. Around The Horn (ESPN)
  6. P.T.I. (ESPN)
  7. Friday Night Comedy (BBC)
  8. The Harland Highway
  9. Hockey Central At Noon (FAN 590)
  10. Laugh Out Loud (CBC)
  11. The National On Demand (CBC)
  12. Nick Tann Is This Thing On
  13. Oprah Health (Yeah I listen to it, it’s good when updated)
  14. Prime Time Sports (FAN 590)
  15. The Projectionists
  16. The Tony Korniheiser Show
  17. Watch With Mothers
  18. Wicked Good Podcast
  19. Wrestle Cast (Sun)
  20. Yankees Cast

So that is 20 so I lied, I said 18 I was estimating.  Did you know podcasts can be addicting, especially the good ones.  I will only listen to good ones so all of those must be good.  My personal favorites are WWM, and Nick Tann.  Not only are these done just by the average person, these guys put a lot of work into their podcasts.  I am just going to make a blanket advertisement for all of these podcasts.  They are found on iTunes.  So go look them all up, and SUBSCRIBE!!!!

So work is going great, I will be super busy today.  I have gotten three things out of the way.  And on to the fourth.  I am still hitting the gym, and soon will hit it harder.  I can’t think of anything to do other than lose weight.  I did quit my job at the movie theatre.  So I will really miss that.  It was fun being a projectionist.  There is one little funny guy at work, who can get annoying I can see that from 4 days in.  So we will see what happens with him.  Should be interesting.

Well I will post tomorrow kiddies, see you then.

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease


Day 2

January 6, 2010

Soon I will have to figure out more appropriate names for the title.  So sorry for my lazyness there.  So anyhow yesterday was day two with the new job.  It is going very well.  I like it here, and there seems to not be as much stress as the last one I did have.  I already have 3 things on the go so that is a great feeling.  Apart from that the people here are amazing, and I feel like one of them already.  There are lots of younger people here, more in the department I work in, so that is good. Actually I think I am older than most of them apart from my boss, and a few of the leads.  Nothing crazy has happened yet.  My cubicle is looking kick ass. Adding to the affect is Darth Vader as always.  Well I have to write a short one today.  I will try to write before I get into work tomorrow.  The weekend is approaching fast so I will take that time off. Later boys and girls!


Day One

January 5, 2010

So yesterday was day one at my new job.  I started at GA yesterday, and I was really excited.  It really felt like the first day of school, and I showed up in my underwear.  I was so excited I actually had to calm myself down.  I mean it’s not like I wanted to leave my last job.  I was laid off, and from March to December I didn’t hear anything from anyone.  I was working part-time to help make ends meet, and getting Employment Insurance.  However it took too fucking long to get something, an interview, just something to let me know there was hope out there.  And at the same time I had two job offers one from GA, and one from DC.  So I picked the one that suited me best.  Both jobs I could have done, however one would have required travel and be away for periods of time from my family.  And really that wasn’t something I wanted to do.  So now onto day two. I actually have my cubicle, and it’s nice. It’s not driving me crazy (yet )  So we move on, I am sure that I will have things to say as time goes on, but for now. I am day 2 into this thing. Stay tuned for more.