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Yo VIP Let’s Kick It

February 26, 2010

First off the song of the day, last one for the week.

Secondly here are the songs for this week. In case you missed it, the links are below.

Monday: Kansas – Carry On My Wayward Son

Tuesday: Brad Paisley – Online

Wednesday: Blake Lewis – You Give Love a Bad name

Thursday: Foo Fighters – The Pretender

Friday: Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby

Secondly the Canadian Womens Hockey team didn’t dissapoint. They won Gold, and shut out the Americans.  I will cover this in the podcast this weekend.  Oh Canada – not really a song of the day, but you should listen to that…..OH CANADA BABY!!!

And Last but not least, I am getting a song from Nick. But really you should go see his site and purchase his new album.  It’s really good, here is the link.

It works out to aboot $10 Canadian and where else can you get a great independent artist such as Nick Tann singing his lungs out for your entertainment.  Oh and did I mention that if you get the whole album you will get a bonus track! So yeah, do it, go buy his album and help support a great musical talent. 

Also I am getting a song from Matt Stevens again, and will feature another song from my cousin Sean.  This podcast will be epic! EPIC I TELLS YOU!  Oh and a speach from Napoleon on which Olympics will be best of the best.  Vancouver 2010, or London 2012……I wonder which one he will pick?

So that is all for now.  Make sure you get my podcast this weekend on iTunes.  Check out Nick’s Podcast called Is This Thing On… check out his website for the podcast as well.

Download WWM as well on iTunes get all thier information here –> 

DOWNLOAD THEM ALL, they are free, hours of great entertainment for all. 

So until next Monday, have a good and safe weekend….

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease


Working Hard

February 25, 2010

I am working so hard I should be a porn star.  I go for long periods of time with no break, and I always satisfy.  Anyhow enough with the creepy sex talk.  Here we go, I’ve been labouring long and hard to come up with a format for the CC and hopefully I have a winning formula.  As for the post today, I’ve no time left for posting today, however tomorrow is Friday, and the day before the weekend is always a quick and easy one.  As for the Song of the Day I had to pick something really good, and fast.  I had a song going through my head last night, and really can’t remember it.  I’ve tried, really I did.  So today I pick the Foo Fighters – The Pretender

Enjoy the Video, and remember this weekend will be a great one for the Re-Birth of the CC. Talk to you tomorrow, and make sure you get the download of the CC podcast this Sunday on iTunes. 

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease….xoxo


Crazy Night = Crazy Morning

February 24, 2010

First off I have to do the Song of the day before I lose it on my clipboard doing work and trying to get this bloggy out of the way.   So in honour of American Idol Season 9 starting up last night here is the best ever performance by an Idol through season 8…..Blake Lewis

Now onto the details of last night……my nephew acidentally spilled hot water on himself, and done burned himself purdy good. So my wife and I went up to the hospital to sit with him for a while. My sister left and her “husband” came.  And I put that into ” quotations” because they have some issues.  And more than likely I am sure that they can be sorted out.  But I think they are content with the way things are.  Anyhow it’s too bad because now there are kids involved and really they should have waited a long time before the thought of kids entered thier heads…..So all of that threw off my whole schedule, so I had to get up and hurry around this morning.  Doing laundry, arguing with the kids, getting my lunch ready, taking the dog out.  Starting the car because it’s winter….then just before I leave the house…..the dog pukes… I have to clean that up.  The car is still covered in snow, I am half way across town to get to work….oh and I have to drop my daughter off at school………arrrrhhhhgggg…

Anyhow, long story short of it is this I got to work with 2 mins to spare. And I had to beat a train down the road through 3 interchanges….that was sweet, I felt like James Bond.  Well I will post tomorrow, and don’t forget to download the newest Crazy Cubicle this sunday on iTunes.

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease…


Vancouver 2010 – Epic Fail

February 23, 2010

That is what I will be doing my podcast about this Sunday.  I’ve decided that I need a format, and my format when it is good, is when I am ranting.  So this time I am going to disect the epic fail which is the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. 

I can say they are a fail, because your gracious host of the Crazy Cubicle (Which is on iTunes under that name by the way) lives in Canada. So I can do or say pretty much whatever I want about it.  And the first thing is just to give you a quick preview of what I will be outlining.

The lack of snow needed for these games

The cost to make / truck / fly in snow from other areas daily

The delays in handing out the medals in the first week…why?

And there will be much more.  However ponder for a second the great honour it is to host the Olympic games, and then the cost of doing so.  The amount of displacement that goes on.  The revenue that comes in, and how this looks on Canada.  There are so many things bugging me about these games in particular because they are so close to home.  Home being Canada, as I am 4 provinces to the east of British Columbia….which quite obviously is a British Cartel…. anyhow stay tuned to the CC for more daily updates including the daily song (Which I will be reviewing in said podcasts as my favorites for that week).  Also I am looking to get some music from Nick Tann, and Matt Stevens….as 5 days is lots of notice, and I love to put them in there.  So here is the song of the day….

Have a Crazy Day outside of the Cubicle…



Broken Promise

February 22, 2010

Sorry CC listeners, and readers.  I stated in my podcast that starting next week I would be updating the CC everyday during the week.  And last week came, and went and no updates on the bloggy.  Sorry about that.  It was a crazy week overall.  My brother-in-law who is one year younger than I passed away last weekend. So in the past week all I have dealt with, or thought of was death.  I mean it’s not like death doesn’t happen, but when it’s somone young, and someone you’ve known for a long time, then you are quite shocked.  And that is something that makes everyone think about thier own mortality.

I sat there on Friday, looking at the fate of all men and women.  And wondering what happens when you die.  Do you just go to heaven or hell like we are all told? Or do we cease to exist? Personally I would like to cease to exist if I were to go to hell.  That is my persnal choice.  However I am going with the fact that we have a soul. As that is what I believe.  But I have always wondered.  Do you see your own funeral? Or even a twisted more sicker thought….what if we are still in out bodies, able to see through our third eye, and hear through our third ear (if there is one), and you see the casket lid close….fuck that would be hell right there.  I guess we all will find out one day.  Death sucks…..really it does.

And video of the day, as I have posed on Facebook, and Twitter (Apoc97) Kansas – Carry On My Wayward Son


Revamp Commings Soon

February 10, 2010

It’s been a long while since I posted last.  And the reason for this is I am going over things in my head on how to make things better.  I have some good ideas…and so the Blog, and the Podcast are going to be re-booted this weekend.  You can still get all things here, but this will be the last post until Monday.  So stay tuned for more….so until then, enjoy the rest of the week.  And talk to you soon.

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease!