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IPod Touch Very Durable

January 12, 2009

It’s true, I knew it was going to happen.  And it did, I was playing a game on my IPod touch, and it went flying out of my hand, hit the ceiling, and then hit the floor.  My wife looked at me like I was going to get a beating, she just bought it for me for Christmas.  I have to say it was like slow motion, I seen it hit fly, hit, fall, splat.  There was no if or ands about this.  If I would have broken it, my MP3 buying days would be over, so over it would suck, as the touch is absolutly the best MP3 player I have ever owned. 

However this is one problem I keep having, the applications sync, and I can’t use them the next day. I will have to look into it, other then that it is tre-magnific.

Weekend was normal, run here, run there.  Do laundry, buy groceries, visit with family.  That is a typical weekend for me when the kids are home, and not with their dad for the weekend.  Next weekend I am all by myself.  I think I will be playing some playstation.  🙂 Sweet…..