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IPod Touch Very Durable

January 12, 2009

It’s true, I knew it was going to happen.  And it did, I was playing a game on my IPod touch, and it went flying out of my hand, hit the ceiling, and then hit the floor.  My wife looked at me like I was going to get a beating, she just bought it for me for Christmas.  I have to say it was like slow motion, I seen it hit fly, hit, fall, splat.  There was no if or ands about this.  If I would have broken it, my MP3 buying days would be over, so over it would suck, as the touch is absolutly the best MP3 player I have ever owned. 

However this is one problem I keep having, the applications sync, and I can’t use them the next day. I will have to look into it, other then that it is tre-magnific.

Weekend was normal, run here, run there.  Do laundry, buy groceries, visit with family.  That is a typical weekend for me when the kids are home, and not with their dad for the weekend.  Next weekend I am all by myself.  I think I will be playing some playstation.  🙂 Sweet…..


Put Them In The Iron Maiden

January 8, 2009

Iron Maiden is what I am listening to right at the moment.  I know it’s been a while since I got to post, but I will make it a regular point to post every working day (as time permits).  There may be some poor soul who is reading this crap that I write, so it makes me feel sort of great that someone took the time to find me.  Sweet… thanks. 

Anyhow over the Christmas break I got my first IPod, now I am not really a fan of Apple, I hate thier computers, I hate IPods actually.  However they had to go and make an IPod touch. Now that tickles my fancy.  That tickles me beyond fancy.  I feel like a little kid again, and I just discovered my first hard-on.  It’s that fucking grreat.  I love the way it connects to the shinternet, and the way I can dowload tons of free applications.  There is no need to jail break this IPod (all though it does look like it is fun) it is great out of the box.  I can’t say enough about it, other than it smokes every single MP3 Player I have ever owned in my life.  True words, even the Dahli Lamma thinks so…

Hope everyone had a great new years, and Chrismas.  See you all tomorrow.  Oh and if you are wondering just how good the IPod touch is, check the vid.  Do the math.