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Podcast Update

March 22, 2010

Seems like I have to find a new host.  The way that wants the podcast format, will not work with iTunes.  So I am a bit pissed at that.  It was going so well, and all of a sudden they change the rules.  I know the thinking behind it.  It’s just that it won’t work with iTunes…..feckers…. So it may be  a while until I get a podcast on.  Or if I decide to do it again.  I dunno….tis very gehay!

So anyhow that was pretty much my weekend, besides hitting the gym, and grocery shopping, and all the fun stuff.  My lovely wife wanted new dishes, so I bought her some nice ones.  They are square, I always wanted square plates, and now I have them. 

Well I am off to do some work now, so that means that you are still waiting for the song of the day.  I picked da Phil Collinz today! Enjoy