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Still Feeling…..

March 3, 2010

I am still feeling not the best.  So here is a little post for you.  Seems like the American Coach Ron Wilson is sort of complaining that the puck went off the refs skate.  Boo Hoo!!! NHL action today it’s a big day, it’s trade deadline day. And after 3pm ET the teams that are, will be the teams that be.  For all action visit –

Video of the day – some Nickleback.  Well I am done here before I go to work, I have to try my new Mario game we got for the Wii and the kids, but they aren’t up yet, so I am giving it a shot! 🙂


Wednesday (New Friday)

October 22, 2008

Welcome to new Friday! This helps me to get through the work week realatively easy.  Since Friday is basically Saturday, and Thursday a total write off, today becomes the new Friday.  It helps time pass, and really makes my week thinking of it this way.  First note, my sister is still being a fucking cunt, she can’t help it people she is good at it.  Great in-fact, I will say she is great at it.  And since that will never change I have made a note in my head to ignore her until she grows up.  And since Hell hasn’t frozen over yet, I don’t think she will either.  However there are other things besides my sister that I would love to waste precious webspace on.

World Series:

Game one starts tonight, and there are lots of reasons to cheer for either team.  Some outweigh others, however I will give you a breakdown of each.

Philadelphia Phillies:  Oldest Professional Baseball Team in America (only has one World Series Title).  They have sucked more than any other team in history.  And when they are good (which they are right now) they are great.  Matt Stairs has Canadian connection (never been to the post season).  Jamie Moyer (460 years young) has his first, and only chance to help his beloved Phillies become baseballs best within the next 7 games.  And last but not least the City Of Brotherly Love hasn’t held a championship in the city (unless you count arena american football) since the Phillies last won the WS in 1980.

Tampa Bay Rays

The feel-good team of the year.  From dead last to first, the real Cinderella team of the year.  They have the lowest payroll in the Majors.  There is about 200 million between them and the Yankees.  And although I am a Yankee fan, I am sort of rooting for the Rays to win because they deserve it just as much or more than Philly.  The rest of Canada will be cheering for the Phillies because of Matt Stairs.  And moi, I am very happy that the Rays defeated the Red SUCKS!!! And winning the WS with the lowest payroll just proves that all you need is HEART!!!

That is all I will say besides I am saying this series is over in 7 with the Phillies taking it. (I said I was rooting for the Rays, I didn’t say they would win.  Philly is a better team, and has a proven closer. Beat THAT!!)

Lastly but not least.  NHL head brass have their head up their ass.  They are thinking of putting another club in Toronto.  Look from one Leafs fan, to the millions of others in our beloved Leafs Nation.  They are thinking of sharing the ACC with another franchise (if it goes through) this is bullshit, and every Leafs Nation Fan should be on their feet saying no.  And boycott any other NHL team that comes to the ACC as a home team other than the Leafs.  Bastards…..

Canada does deserve another NHL franchise, before another goes up in the States or overseas.  Winnipeg or Hamilton are great choices.  Too bad for the Buffalo franchise if fans from Hamilton stop going to their games, Buffalo sucks assssssssses…..


Austrailian Police Find Junk In Mr. Potato Head’s Trunk

October 5, 2007


Well it seems that someone from Ireland sent, or tried to send their friend ecstasy via the mail.  10.5 ounces worth, no wonder Mr Potato Head looks so happy.  With all that E inside of him it’s no wonder his hands are all squibbly, and his nose is big and red.  🙂 Too bad the person it was going to may or could get life imprisionment.  Bye Bye Mr Potato Head.

Now onto the MLB playoffs.  6 teams were in action last night. 

 dmjsnbro.jpg The Ming Dynasty (Chien-Ming Wang) just couldn’t get it done last night.  But I am not too worried.  This is the Yankees, and even though they got smoked last night (12-3) look for them to rebound tonight when Andy Pettite takes the mound against Fausto Carmona and the rest of the Tribe.  This should be a great game, and series. 

Colorado continued their hot streak and blew past the Phillies 10-5.  Keep your eyes on this team, I really think that they will come out of the NL as the League champions.  And if the Yankees don’t make it to the World Series this year, I will be rooting for the Rockies personally.   I am hoping that they will make it out of the NL for an apperance in the WS in 2007.

Some more big scoring from the NL last night.  The Dbacks handed the Cubbies their second straight loss, and a crtitical blow to the cubbies.  Hopefully the Cubbies can hold off the charging Dbacks while they are in Chicago.  

The ALDS continues tonight with all 4 teams playing their second game.  Yankees and Indians tonight in Cleveland.  Angels and Red Sox tonight in Boston.  Dice K (Daisuke Matsuzaka v.s. Kelvom Escobar). 

And lastly the NHL……………… 

The Leafs played their second game of the season last night.  And lost 3-2 against Ottawa.  Vesa Toskala did start in goal last night.  And I think he did an astounding job.  He is a much better goalie than Raycroft, and I am sure that we will see him quickly emerge as the number one soon in Toronto.  GO LEAFS GO!!!!



Gary Bettman Should Resign…….

October 3, 2007

Gary Bettman Happy…. :sGary Bettman, the Commissioner of the NHL.  A game this former NBA assistant to David Stern is ruining.  And quite honestly now that I see that, I see how the two of them act very simular.  Anyhow that is a small portion of the problem with the NHL.  How does a guy who has no hockey knowledge at all become the Commissioner of a Professional League? But this guy doesn’t really know what he is doing.  He has to make decisions that are “Hockey” related, and he has no idea how this game works.  He was brought in to try to help market the NHL in the States because there is no real audience, or intrest or haven’t been until recently. 

First off I want to say what has set off this tirade………..Steve Downey.

8471703.jpgSteve Downey gets a 20 game suspension for a devistating hit on Dean McAmmond.  And all of that is good and well.  Infact I would never let this child into the League.  Because of the tape evidence and past history alone.  But what I am upset at is this.  Mark Bell……….

 mark_bell_01.jpg Mark now plays for my beloved Maple Leafs.  But he gets suspended for 15 games.  For something that happened over a year ago.  He came clean (meaning that he’s been in rehab, and out).  He has to serve jail time at the end of the season, 6 months worth.  And Gary hands down a rediculous suspension of 15 games to a guy who has turned his life around, and clearly deserves to be allowed to play.  But no, now the leaf fans have to wait until November to see him play…..

I think Bettman needs some serious help, and they really need to replace him ASAP.  I can’t stand him anymore…….


A Few Beginnings……..

October 3, 2007

So Wednesday is the start of a few things.  The MLB playoffs kick off tonight, with 6 of the 8 teams playing tonight (Cubbies, Dimondbacks, Rockies, Phillies, Red Sox, And Angels) With the Yankees, and Indians.  But today since I have already went on about the MLB playoffs, I may as well give you the up and up on the New NHL season…….

So first off the NHL is looking into the new jerseys that the players are wearing.  Yes they are snazzy, and yes they keep dryer.  So much so that they are keeping the moisture in the sweater.  So the equipment and the players are getting bogged down by the “soggy” equipment.  The census from a few fans follows these lines (Click Here).  And with most of America starting to resemble some famous TV dads……


The new NHL Jerseys will really not look that good when form fitted to some of the “bigger” NHL fans.  Now before you get all your panties in a bunch thinking I am making fun of fluffy people.  I am most certainly am not, I won’t buy the jersey for that very reason.  I look sort of like what Peter Griffin would look like, and I certainly wouldn’t want a form fitting jersey (not until I lose the weight I want to anyhow)……so the Jerseys, although they look cool.  I think they will be a flop with NHL fans everywhere.

Second is the start to the NHL season (finally).  And my team the Toronto Maple Leafs are kicking it off tonight.  My first guess is that they will make it to the playoffs, but will be gone in the first round…..So that is my bold prediction for that.  My guess is that the Pittsburgh Penguins will make it to the Stanley Cup round this year.  If they win the Cup, then look for the Penguins to be dominant in the late decade of the early 2000’s. 

I have gotten my new NHL game all set up, and will see if I can win the Stanley Cup.  There is no greater joy, than to see your own player carry that cup.  Well not to a kid growing up in Canada anyhow……

Now for my whining part, I have seen all my favorite teams win major championships.  Team Canada, San Antonio Spurs, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, Hamilton Tiger Cats, Toronto Blue Jays, and New York Yankees.  But I haven’t seen the Maple Leafs win a Stanley Cup yet……I guess hell may freeze over before that happens………. 😉