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Kidd Russell

March 23, 2010

Hey the song of the day is Kidd Russell. I found them on Nick’s podcast Is This Thing On? What a great fucking podcast that is all I can say.  I give it 10 stars it’s that fucking great.  I suggest that you subscribe to it.  And why wouldn’t you?  It’s free, thats the best kind of thing in the whole world.  Free podcast, of great artists, that Rock.  Like Kid Russell.  And of course there are reviews galore, and tons, of music, and a special blog ->

Check it out, subscribe on iTunes, and you will be pleasantly entertained every week with a great show. 

That’s all I have for today! Enjoy the song, check out Nick’s Blog that he does, and definatly subscribe to that podcast! Do IT Because it would be the best one you have ever subscribed to in your life.



Yay Friday

March 12, 2010

If I was a cheerleader I would cheer for Friday! I have a really busy day, and weekend.  I have to do a podcast tomorrow, and a review for Nick Tann for Is This Thing On.  I really enjoy doing podcasts and I hope I am getting better with it.  I have two weeks of Songs of the day to go through.  And to go along with it, and end this week, here is some Jay-Z

Of course, I will have some stuff in there.  There may be some sensitive material in it this week.  However I hope that will not be retarded this weekend and allow me to post it.  I will recap some Olympics, and some other stuff, including how addicting Super Mario Bros Wii is…..and yes it is very addicting.  Only thing is, it doesn’t seem to be that long…..Have a good weekend boys and gurlz!

See you in the podcast!

Love, peace, and chicken grease!


Yo VIP Let’s Kick It

February 26, 2010

First off the song of the day, last one for the week.

Secondly here are the songs for this week. In case you missed it, the links are below.

Monday: Kansas – Carry On My Wayward Son

Tuesday: Brad Paisley – Online

Wednesday: Blake Lewis – You Give Love a Bad name

Thursday: Foo Fighters – The Pretender

Friday: Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby

Secondly the Canadian Womens Hockey team didn’t dissapoint. They won Gold, and shut out the Americans.  I will cover this in the podcast this weekend.  Oh Canada – not really a song of the day, but you should listen to that…..OH CANADA BABY!!!

And Last but not least, I am getting a song from Nick. But really you should go see his site and purchase his new album.  It’s really good, here is the link.

It works out to aboot $10 Canadian and where else can you get a great independent artist such as Nick Tann singing his lungs out for your entertainment.  Oh and did I mention that if you get the whole album you will get a bonus track! So yeah, do it, go buy his album and help support a great musical talent. 

Also I am getting a song from Matt Stevens again, and will feature another song from my cousin Sean.  This podcast will be epic! EPIC I TELLS YOU!  Oh and a speach from Napoleon on which Olympics will be best of the best.  Vancouver 2010, or London 2012……I wonder which one he will pick?

So that is all for now.  Make sure you get my podcast this weekend on iTunes.  Check out Nick’s Podcast called Is This Thing On… check out his website for the podcast as well.

Download WWM as well on iTunes get all thier information here –> 

DOWNLOAD THEM ALL, they are free, hours of great entertainment for all. 

So until next Monday, have a good and safe weekend….

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease


Vancouver 2010 – Epic Fail

February 23, 2010

That is what I will be doing my podcast about this Sunday.  I’ve decided that I need a format, and my format when it is good, is when I am ranting.  So this time I am going to disect the epic fail which is the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. 

I can say they are a fail, because your gracious host of the Crazy Cubicle (Which is on iTunes under that name by the way) lives in Canada. So I can do or say pretty much whatever I want about it.  And the first thing is just to give you a quick preview of what I will be outlining.

The lack of snow needed for these games

The cost to make / truck / fly in snow from other areas daily

The delays in handing out the medals in the first week…why?

And there will be much more.  However ponder for a second the great honour it is to host the Olympic games, and then the cost of doing so.  The amount of displacement that goes on.  The revenue that comes in, and how this looks on Canada.  There are so many things bugging me about these games in particular because they are so close to home.  Home being Canada, as I am 4 provinces to the east of British Columbia….which quite obviously is a British Cartel…. anyhow stay tuned to the CC for more daily updates including the daily song (Which I will be reviewing in said podcasts as my favorites for that week).  Also I am looking to get some music from Nick Tann, and Matt Stevens….as 5 days is lots of notice, and I love to put them in there.  So here is the song of the day….

Have a Crazy Day outside of the Cubicle…



The Weekendz

January 25, 2010

So the weekend started off great. First payday from my new job.  Going to pay bills, and get set up for Saturday night.   Fast forward to Saturday night. At request of my lovely wife she wanted to see me drunk so I obliged her and hit it hard.  I am not going to brag, but it takes a lot to get me feeling good, much less drunk, and still a lot more to get me D-Runk.  Needless to say the $100 worth of alcohol that we purchased along with that of others who brought over a plethora of booze we hit it all hard.   My wifes friends from work came over, Suzie Q, Bre, G, GAaron, and Martini all showed up.  My wife fed me lots of booze, and 3 shots of something I can’t remember at the moment but it tasted like yummy black licorice.   And we were off to the bar around the corner.  There was a Foo Fighter tribute band playing, and as far as a tribute band goes they were pretty good.  Out of the lot of them, the drummer was really good.  The singer sounded nothing like Dave Grohl, however when you aren’t paying for a ticket, and I get to hear some great songs that I like.  Well it’s worth it.  By the end of the night my wife said I was annoying and that I wouldn’t stop talking.  Which is what she gets now isn’t it? I don’t have much time to write today, as I am banging out some stuff for work during lunch.  And I still have to spell check this bastard, and get it on the internet thing.  How is it by the way that the internet is so common that we think nothing about what actually happens there.  Anyhow I will never understand it, but I will forever like it.

Have a good week all, podcast coming out this Saturday.  For those of you who do care, it’s going to preview the Royal Rumble and possibly some music from Nick or Matt or maybe both of them. 




January 7, 2010

Wow, this week has totally flown by.  One thing that helps the days go by are podcasts.  Yeah, I actually hardly ever listen to music anymore.  It’s all aboot the podcasts.  I have about 18 that I am subscribed to.  And instead of lying to you I will just name them all.

  1. Adam and Joe
  2. Chris Moyles
  3. The Crazy Cubicle
  4. Dilbert (Animated)
  5. Around The Horn (ESPN)
  6. P.T.I. (ESPN)
  7. Friday Night Comedy (BBC)
  8. The Harland Highway
  9. Hockey Central At Noon (FAN 590)
  10. Laugh Out Loud (CBC)
  11. The National On Demand (CBC)
  12. Nick Tann Is This Thing On
  13. Oprah Health (Yeah I listen to it, it’s good when updated)
  14. Prime Time Sports (FAN 590)
  15. The Projectionists
  16. The Tony Korniheiser Show
  17. Watch With Mothers
  18. Wicked Good Podcast
  19. Wrestle Cast (Sun)
  20. Yankees Cast

So that is 20 so I lied, I said 18 I was estimating.  Did you know podcasts can be addicting, especially the good ones.  I will only listen to good ones so all of those must be good.  My personal favorites are WWM, and Nick Tann.  Not only are these done just by the average person, these guys put a lot of work into their podcasts.  I am just going to make a blanket advertisement for all of these podcasts.  They are found on iTunes.  So go look them all up, and SUBSCRIBE!!!!

So work is going great, I will be super busy today.  I have gotten three things out of the way.  And on to the fourth.  I am still hitting the gym, and soon will hit it harder.  I can’t think of anything to do other than lose weight.  I did quit my job at the movie theatre.  So I will really miss that.  It was fun being a projectionist.  There is one little funny guy at work, who can get annoying I can see that from 4 days in.  So we will see what happens with him.  Should be interesting.

Well I will post tomorrow kiddies, see you then.

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease


More Obama (Last Until I Post a Podcast)

January 22, 2009

I am still working towards making my first podcast.  As it turns out I have some really good people that are going to help me.  First off before I even get the help, I just wanted to thank Nick Tann.  He is going to take some time and explain the ins and outs of the podcast.  It will be fun, he has a great Podcast that if you look up Nick Tann “Is this thing on?” on Itunes you will find his podcast, and I find it very good.  So hopefully you like it, he features independent music artists, and they are good.  Nick also has some very funny adverts that I find absolutely funny.  Anyhow enough about Nick for now.  I also am going to get some help from a local boy (well local now).  Luke Nugent from a radio station is going to help me put together some stuff.  I got to know Luke through the daily call ins to the radio station, I can be heard some mornings as I always have something to say.  But no worries, you will get to hear my voice soon enough on Podcast.  I will take a funny look at some news, and other things that I find funny.  And to cap it off, I will be going over my favorite music of the week.  And hopefully (with permission) feature some music from some of the independents that Nick does, I’ve been quite impressed.

Okay so now onto my Obama news.  Turns out the Chief Justice flubbed the Oath of Office, and really they couldn’t let that stand, so they re-did it yesterday.  I will post what is on CNN.

The Constitution sets out the language that should be used in the oath: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Roberts moved the word “faithfully” back nine spots, and used “to” instead of “of.” That threw the president off base, and he smiled and paused to collect his thoughts, then decided to follow Roberts’ lead.

But the chief justice at the same time attempted to correct himself.

Here’s how Tuesday’s oath went:

Roberts: … that I will execute the office of president to the United States faithfully …

Obama: … that I will execute …

Roberts: … the off — faithfully the pres — the office of president of the United States …

Obama (at the same time): … the office of president of the United States faithfully …

The two got the rest correct, including the nonobligatory “So help you God?” “So help me God.”

So was Obama really President?  Was it done on purpose? Who knows in any case, America it seems can’t do anything right.  Hopefully Obama can.