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Bush Out, Obama In

January 20, 2009

Today is a historic day, I am glad that it is Obama.  I think it’s time for a change, and if Obama is everything he says he is.  Then there should be some posotive change comming in the next few weeks, months, years.  My personal view is that he is very intelligent, and really I don’t think that the world could have used anther redneck war mongral President (sorry Mcaine you suck).  One thing I did notice was this morning watching CNN before work.  They refer to the black men and women of America, African Americans.  I became perplexed at this early in the morning, to realise that here in the Great White North (Canada, and no we aren’t racial).  We call our black people Canadian, because that is what they are.  They aren’t African Canadians, Iraqi Canadians, Chinese Canadians, or Japanese Canadians (I could go on forever).  No they are Canadians.  No wonder there are so many problems in the States.  If you aren’t white, you aren’t accepted.  Really it’s a terrible thing. 

So there is now about a 4 hours till Obama takes office, and I will be happy so happy that Bush is gone.  Do you think he will pardon himself of war crimes? If any other country did what they did, they would be tried in the world court.  Seems fair doesn’t it? Bastards……

Now onto the sport fan in me.  I just wanted to say this, the Maple Leafs suck, and I can’t wait till baseball season starts.  Raptors suck, good thing I am not a Raptors fan, however there must be some bad mojo in the ACC. 

Well hope all of you have a great day.  And I will most likely cover more Obama tomorrow, as this really interests me.  Has a US President caused such an anticipation?  I don’t know I am Canadian… 🙂


It’s Fry-Dai

January 9, 2009

Well another week has come and gone.  Ultamatly its the first official work week of the year and we are looking for about 49 more work weeks until Christmas.  Thought I would throw that out there for you.  So really with 2 weeks holidays this summer (3 for me yay!) I only have about 47 more work weeks to go until the blessed time of Piqued’s 41st birthday.  I am sure if he is reading this he is just accepting the fact he is 40, but to be 41 may be something else for him to think about.

Work is Crazy busy this day, however I thought it was worth mentioning that there are 11 more days of George Bush doing absolutly nothing.  Now I am not American, I am Canadian, but I can appreciate great comedy when I see it.  However I can’t really stand another redneck President.  Oh and I am happy that Obama won, and one last thought.

Please Bush, no more MLB please….don’t do anything, just go into the shaddows, and think of how you can have a war against squirrels, or other rodents. 


The Canyon

November 5, 2008

So I am a little tired this morning, I didn’t fall asleep until about 12:30.  This is all due to the concert I was at last night.  I won free passes to go see the Megaprize Concert that was being put on by the country station in my town.   It was a great show, I am a country boy at heart, my Grandparents used to tour all over singing back in the day, and I grew up around this influence (I do like most genres of music though).  But how can you pass up a free concert.  I will break down the artists for you.  The first one was Alex J Robinson,  I was quite suprised at the pipes on this petite blonde.  She looked good from far away, but she was far from good up close, I got an autograph from her for my kids, and she was nice, just not as cute as she looked in her pictures.  Now onto Beverly Mahood, she was awesome, great voice, strong, and great fun.  Although she did tick me off a bit by wearing her poppy on her belt.  It goes over your heart……other then that, I got her autograph on her new cd not even out in stores yet.  She is really a beautiful lady, I have my picture with her (yes she did touch me, she put her arm around me she did.)  She is really skinny, she looks super small compared to me.

Now onto George Canyon, I can say that before this night I wasn’t a huge Canyon fan, but now I am totally sold.   The guy is larger than life, he can sing, and he will be good for a long time.  I got his autograph as well.  I brought my grandmother to the concert, she had a great time throwing back a few cold ones, getting to touch George Canyon after, the sweet lady even bought me a shirt.  Wifey didn’t want to go as she is pregnant, and didn’t want to get bumped. 

Now onto the presidential race, to which we learnt at the concert that OBAMA won, now we are all Canadian, but we cheerd.   We were asked if we liked Mcaine (sp?) and we all bood…… good for Obama, he is the real first intelligent President they will have since Reagan.  Good choice for America