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Damnit I forgot

March 25, 2010

I forgot to post the song of the day yesterday.  So here is today’s right off the bat. 

if you follow me on twitter you can get yesterdays.  Just look for Apoc97 and you will get it there everyday!

I am really swamped today with work, AutoCad keeps crashing as I try to widdle down the file that I made to a respectable size.  Hopefully it works for the 5th time today. 

Well I am off for the day, check out my special song tomorrow. Hope you like it, keep comming back for whatever it is that I do around here.



Kidd Russell

March 23, 2010

Hey the song of the day is Kidd Russell. I found them on Nick’s podcast Is This Thing On? What a great fucking podcast that is all I can say.  I give it 10 stars it’s that fucking great.  I suggest that you subscribe to it.  And why wouldn’t you?  It’s free, thats the best kind of thing in the whole world.  Free podcast, of great artists, that Rock.  Like Kid Russell.  And of course there are reviews galore, and tons, of music, and a special blog ->

Check it out, subscribe on iTunes, and you will be pleasantly entertained every week with a great show. 

That’s all I have for today! Enjoy the song, check out Nick’s Blog that he does, and definatly subscribe to that podcast! Do IT Because it would be the best one you have ever subscribed to in your life.



Podcast Update

March 22, 2010

Seems like I have to find a new host.  The way that wants the podcast format, will not work with iTunes.  So I am a bit pissed at that.  It was going so well, and all of a sudden they change the rules.  I know the thinking behind it.  It’s just that it won’t work with iTunes…..feckers…. So it may be  a while until I get a podcast on.  Or if I decide to do it again.  I dunno….tis very gehay!

So anyhow that was pretty much my weekend, besides hitting the gym, and grocery shopping, and all the fun stuff.  My lovely wife wanted new dishes, so I bought her some nice ones.  They are square, I always wanted square plates, and now I have them. 

Well I am off to do some work now, so that means that you are still waiting for the song of the day.  I picked da Phil Collinz today! Enjoy



St Patricks Day!

March 17, 2010

Why is it in the middle of the week?  I want to get drunk! ok! So maybe this weekend, I am sure this will carry over till then.  So I have a video of the day, sorry it has nothing to do with St Patricks Day. 😦 I really am sorry….

Lady Gaga, makes the cut today with Beyonce.  LG and B! for your eyes and ears!



Daylight Sayvings Time Sucks

March 15, 2010

So daylight savings sucks, especially when you lose an hour sleep.  You go to bed at 9 and it’s actually ten.  And when you get up at 5 actual time.  You’ve lost some valuable sleep.  This time thing sucks, how we are all constrained by a thing called time.  Here get up at 6am go to the gym, be at work for 830, you have to stay there until 5pm.  Go home and a few hours later you are in bed getting ready to do it all over again.  I tell you what, if I ever won the lottery,  I wouldn’t care what fucking time it was.  I would throw out all my clocks, and watches, and anything that told time.  Well exept the cell phone, and the iPod.  So anyhow speaking of time.  How about time to give you the song of the day.  And it really is going along with the theme of time.  Not that I had this planned.  I just come into work, look for a random video, and come here with no plan on what to do or say! YAY you, you get randomness, and probably a waste of time.  SO before I waste more time for you.  Here is the song of the day! Enjoy!

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! LPACG!


Yay Friday

March 12, 2010

If I was a cheerleader I would cheer for Friday! I have a really busy day, and weekend.  I have to do a podcast tomorrow, and a review for Nick Tann for Is This Thing On.  I really enjoy doing podcasts and I hope I am getting better with it.  I have two weeks of Songs of the day to go through.  And to go along with it, and end this week, here is some Jay-Z

Of course, I will have some stuff in there.  There may be some sensitive material in it this week.  However I hope that will not be retarded this weekend and allow me to post it.  I will recap some Olympics, and some other stuff, including how addicting Super Mario Bros Wii is…..and yes it is very addicting.  Only thing is, it doesn’t seem to be that long…..Have a good weekend boys and gurlz!

See you in the podcast!

Love, peace, and chicken grease!


Hump Day

March 10, 2010

Just so happens that it’s the busiest day out of all of them as well.  So all you get today is the song of the day.

I’m with you I hate GODZILLA too, I hate Godzilla too!

Laters, I will make a sincere effort to post tomorrow! I pwomise!