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Bush Out, Obama In

January 20, 2009

Today is a historic day, I am glad that it is Obama.  I think it’s time for a change, and if Obama is everything he says he is.  Then there should be some posotive change comming in the next few weeks, months, years.  My personal view is that he is very intelligent, and really I don’t think that the world could have used anther redneck war mongral President (sorry Mcaine you suck).  One thing I did notice was this morning watching CNN before work.  They refer to the black men and women of America, African Americans.  I became perplexed at this early in the morning, to realise that here in the Great White North (Canada, and no we aren’t racial).  We call our black people Canadian, because that is what they are.  They aren’t African Canadians, Iraqi Canadians, Chinese Canadians, or Japanese Canadians (I could go on forever).  No they are Canadians.  No wonder there are so many problems in the States.  If you aren’t white, you aren’t accepted.  Really it’s a terrible thing. 

So there is now about a 4 hours till Obama takes office, and I will be happy so happy that Bush is gone.  Do you think he will pardon himself of war crimes? If any other country did what they did, they would be tried in the world court.  Seems fair doesn’t it? Bastards……

Now onto the sport fan in me.  I just wanted to say this, the Maple Leafs suck, and I can’t wait till baseball season starts.  Raptors suck, good thing I am not a Raptors fan, however there must be some bad mojo in the ACC. 

Well hope all of you have a great day.  And I will most likely cover more Obama tomorrow, as this really interests me.  Has a US President caused such an anticipation?  I don’t know I am Canadian… 🙂



October 15, 2008

Well it’s finally over, the Canadian election took place last night.  The Government was a few seats short of being a Majority.  The Conservatives still run the show (sort of) they stole some seats away from the Liberals and whiny bitch boy Stephane Dion, and I am glad that this idiot didn’t get in to run our country.  Which is why in the North here in Ontario they went back to their old ways and voted in Orange (NDP).  Which reminds me when does the New Democratic Party (NDP) become DP?  *snicker*

On a side note only 58% of eligible voters hit the polls last night.  And I think this is due to the fact that no one is sure of this Government at all. You can vote in one douche-bag or the other.  However I don’t mind Steven Harper.  I think it’s way better than Jack(y) Layton, or Stefanie Dion.  The Green Party is just way out there, and the Communist Party Of Canada really I find it funny (just what and how do they run for office?)

Still you will hear 95% of the people complain about the government, but 42% of the voters won’t come out to cast in their opinion.  I say if you didn’t vote, then vote next time so you have a right to complain.  If not shut your pie hole.

Now onto the good stuff, or what I consider the good stuff.  MLB playoffs, BOSTON V.S. RAYS

Oh my freaking GOD, you have to be serious.  I am going to see the RAYS defeat the Suxs…..shit I never thought this would happen.  But the Sux look like they are a farm team.  They are being outplayed in every way.  And I am glad, being that I am a Yankee fan, and this just makes my post season way better now to know that a team that has gone from worst to first is going to take out the defending champs.  See you later chumps.

The Dodgers have to win tonight, well they have to win the next 3 games to go to the World Series.  I can only hope that this is the case.  If not it will be a good series with Philly and Tampa going at it.  Both teams can hit, and have no real power pitchers to speak of.  So it should be good. Both Philly, and Tampa lead their NLCS, and ALCS 3 games to 1. 

Hockey started and I re-read what I wrote last year about the Leafs, and I was so wrong.  This year I won’t even bother.  They suck again, and it would be a waste of web space to say how much they need to just play with some heart to win.  Bastards


A Few Musings…..

October 4, 2007

Well I guess musing isn’t really the word for it now is it?  Musing is to meditate on something in silence, and if I am posting it all over the web (well on wordpress) then it really isn’t a muse anymore is it?  Anyhow enough with the amusing argument with myself 😉 (definatly no pun intended there at all). 

ferguson_john030829.jpgFirst off I am going to get it off my chest……..The Leafs org really needs to step in, and tell Maurice that he needs to play Toskala.  I hated the fact that Raycroft started in goal last night.  And as usual he let the leafs down, and couldn’t seal the deal.  I hope that Vesa steps in tonight, and plays goal, and really lifts the leafs to a W, and just blows everyones mind away with his performance.  Vesa, hang in tight, I am rooting for you…….. Fergi, you’re a moron, and I hope the Leafs fire you.  Go destroy another team.


 Second was the MLB playoffs last night.  They are finally underway and I can’t wait to see what happens.  Boston got off to a wicked start and smoked that Angels last night.  Now that I look at it, I really think that the Red Sox may sweep that series.  I can’t quite remember what I predicted a few days ago, but now that I have seen the pitchers for the next few days.  I think the Angels might be put to rest.  Dice K plays next, and Curt Schilling in game 3.  That is really a wicked pitching staff.  This series may be over soon.

The Cubbies lost????? I was counting on them to beat the Diamondbacks. Clearly I didn’t forsee a 3-1 win from the Dbacks to come out.  But alas last night the cubbies got tranquilized.  Too bad, I hope they can bounce back. 

The Rockies continued their hot streak, and are definatly riding the waves.  They were able to over come a hard hitting Phillies team, and Jeff Francis tossed a gem.  Good for the Canadian born pitcher.  The Rockies are quite possibly the MLB’s hottest team right now.  And if they continue like this, they could be in the big show. 

Lastly the Yankees and Indians kick off today at 6:30pm.  I can’t wait………..

Okay now my beef with MLB.  I went to the page where you can subscribe to online streaming.  And low and behold, for international viewers they want them to pay $24.95…….not too bad for the whole playoffs.  But the strong Canadian dollar is at par (actually it’s a little bit stronger than the American dollar right now).  And they get to pay $14.95…..what’s up with that? I am very upset, and wrote them a nasty little letter…..that will teach them…….. 🙂

Third, last night I formatted my PC.  Now you may remember me telling you the other day that I formatted my Laptop….so I am only going to rant about one thing…… 69 updates from Microsoft.  That is all…………………………..

……. doesn’t count as words btw I just checked……. 😉

Well that is all for right now, I am back to work in a second.


Gary Bettman Should Resign…….

October 3, 2007

Gary Bettman Happy…. :sGary Bettman, the Commissioner of the NHL.  A game this former NBA assistant to David Stern is ruining.  And quite honestly now that I see that, I see how the two of them act very simular.  Anyhow that is a small portion of the problem with the NHL.  How does a guy who has no hockey knowledge at all become the Commissioner of a Professional League? But this guy doesn’t really know what he is doing.  He has to make decisions that are “Hockey” related, and he has no idea how this game works.  He was brought in to try to help market the NHL in the States because there is no real audience, or intrest or haven’t been until recently. 

First off I want to say what has set off this tirade………..Steve Downey.

8471703.jpgSteve Downey gets a 20 game suspension for a devistating hit on Dean McAmmond.  And all of that is good and well.  Infact I would never let this child into the League.  Because of the tape evidence and past history alone.  But what I am upset at is this.  Mark Bell……….

 mark_bell_01.jpg Mark now plays for my beloved Maple Leafs.  But he gets suspended for 15 games.  For something that happened over a year ago.  He came clean (meaning that he’s been in rehab, and out).  He has to serve jail time at the end of the season, 6 months worth.  And Gary hands down a rediculous suspension of 15 games to a guy who has turned his life around, and clearly deserves to be allowed to play.  But no, now the leaf fans have to wait until November to see him play…..

I think Bettman needs some serious help, and they really need to replace him ASAP.  I can’t stand him anymore…….


A Few Beginnings……..

October 3, 2007

So Wednesday is the start of a few things.  The MLB playoffs kick off tonight, with 6 of the 8 teams playing tonight (Cubbies, Dimondbacks, Rockies, Phillies, Red Sox, And Angels) With the Yankees, and Indians.  But today since I have already went on about the MLB playoffs, I may as well give you the up and up on the New NHL season…….

So first off the NHL is looking into the new jerseys that the players are wearing.  Yes they are snazzy, and yes they keep dryer.  So much so that they are keeping the moisture in the sweater.  So the equipment and the players are getting bogged down by the “soggy” equipment.  The census from a few fans follows these lines (Click Here).  And with most of America starting to resemble some famous TV dads……


The new NHL Jerseys will really not look that good when form fitted to some of the “bigger” NHL fans.  Now before you get all your panties in a bunch thinking I am making fun of fluffy people.  I am most certainly am not, I won’t buy the jersey for that very reason.  I look sort of like what Peter Griffin would look like, and I certainly wouldn’t want a form fitting jersey (not until I lose the weight I want to anyhow)……so the Jerseys, although they look cool.  I think they will be a flop with NHL fans everywhere.

Second is the start to the NHL season (finally).  And my team the Toronto Maple Leafs are kicking it off tonight.  My first guess is that they will make it to the playoffs, but will be gone in the first round…..So that is my bold prediction for that.  My guess is that the Pittsburgh Penguins will make it to the Stanley Cup round this year.  If they win the Cup, then look for the Penguins to be dominant in the late decade of the early 2000’s. 

I have gotten my new NHL game all set up, and will see if I can win the Stanley Cup.  There is no greater joy, than to see your own player carry that cup.  Well not to a kid growing up in Canada anyhow……

Now for my whining part, I have seen all my favorite teams win major championships.  Team Canada, San Antonio Spurs, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, Hamilton Tiger Cats, Toronto Blue Jays, and New York Yankees.  But I haven’t seen the Maple Leafs win a Stanley Cup yet……I guess hell may freeze over before that happens………. 😉