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Kidd Russell

March 23, 2010

Hey the song of the day is Kidd Russell. I found them on Nick’s podcast Is This Thing On? What a great fucking podcast that is all I can say.  I give it 10 stars it’s that fucking great.  I suggest that you subscribe to it.  And why wouldn’t you?  It’s free, thats the best kind of thing in the whole world.  Free podcast, of great artists, that Rock.  Like Kid Russell.  And of course there are reviews galore, and tons, of music, and a special blog ->

Check it out, subscribe on iTunes, and you will be pleasantly entertained every week with a great show. 

That’s all I have for today! Enjoy the song, check out Nick’s Blog that he does, and definatly subscribe to that podcast! Do IT Because it would be the best one you have ever subscribed to in your life.



Yo VIP Let’s Kick It

February 26, 2010

First off the song of the day, last one for the week.

Secondly here are the songs for this week. In case you missed it, the links are below.

Monday: Kansas – Carry On My Wayward Son

Tuesday: Brad Paisley – Online

Wednesday: Blake Lewis – You Give Love a Bad name

Thursday: Foo Fighters – The Pretender

Friday: Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby

Secondly the Canadian Womens Hockey team didn’t dissapoint. They won Gold, and shut out the Americans.  I will cover this in the podcast this weekend.  Oh Canada – not really a song of the day, but you should listen to that…..OH CANADA BABY!!!

And Last but not least, I am getting a song from Nick. But really you should go see his site and purchase his new album.  It’s really good, here is the link.

It works out to aboot $10 Canadian and where else can you get a great independent artist such as Nick Tann singing his lungs out for your entertainment.  Oh and did I mention that if you get the whole album you will get a bonus track! So yeah, do it, go buy his album and help support a great musical talent. 

Also I am getting a song from Matt Stevens again, and will feature another song from my cousin Sean.  This podcast will be epic! EPIC I TELLS YOU!  Oh and a speach from Napoleon on which Olympics will be best of the best.  Vancouver 2010, or London 2012……I wonder which one he will pick?

So that is all for now.  Make sure you get my podcast this weekend on iTunes.  Check out Nick’s Podcast called Is This Thing On… check out his website for the podcast as well.

Download WWM as well on iTunes get all thier information here –> 

DOWNLOAD THEM ALL, they are free, hours of great entertainment for all. 

So until next Monday, have a good and safe weekend….

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease


8 Days a week, and no Post

January 15, 2010

Sorry for the lack of posting over the past little bit.  It’s been quite busy for this fat little lad.  I was going to post yesterday, however the shinternet crapped out, and I couldn’t get on.  So I am making this a small post, and will outline some of the things that I will be recording in tomorrows podcast.

I will be talking about my new job, and how it is very much a joy to work here.  It’s absolutly amazing.  I will be talking about some of the crazy dreams I have been having lately.  I will touch on some of the news from the past two weeks.  Bones of Contention make it’s way back into the podcast.  Oh and I will be recaping two shows from the past week.  Biggest Loser, and American Idol. 

So watch for the podcast, and I will hopefully have some more music from Matt Stevens and this time I will tell you what it’s called.

So have a good safe, and happy weekend, don’t forget to download the podcast tomorrow afternoon from iTunes (The Crazy Cubicle) or from the direct link.

Also give a listen to the old boys over at Watch With Mothers, it’s Friday, and thier podcast will be up soon., and for the last plug of the day, check out Piqued – tis a great read everyday!




January 7, 2010

Wow, this week has totally flown by.  One thing that helps the days go by are podcasts.  Yeah, I actually hardly ever listen to music anymore.  It’s all aboot the podcasts.  I have about 18 that I am subscribed to.  And instead of lying to you I will just name them all.

  1. Adam and Joe
  2. Chris Moyles
  3. The Crazy Cubicle
  4. Dilbert (Animated)
  5. Around The Horn (ESPN)
  6. P.T.I. (ESPN)
  7. Friday Night Comedy (BBC)
  8. The Harland Highway
  9. Hockey Central At Noon (FAN 590)
  10. Laugh Out Loud (CBC)
  11. The National On Demand (CBC)
  12. Nick Tann Is This Thing On
  13. Oprah Health (Yeah I listen to it, it’s good when updated)
  14. Prime Time Sports (FAN 590)
  15. The Projectionists
  16. The Tony Korniheiser Show
  17. Watch With Mothers
  18. Wicked Good Podcast
  19. Wrestle Cast (Sun)
  20. Yankees Cast

So that is 20 so I lied, I said 18 I was estimating.  Did you know podcasts can be addicting, especially the good ones.  I will only listen to good ones so all of those must be good.  My personal favorites are WWM, and Nick Tann.  Not only are these done just by the average person, these guys put a lot of work into their podcasts.  I am just going to make a blanket advertisement for all of these podcasts.  They are found on iTunes.  So go look them all up, and SUBSCRIBE!!!!

So work is going great, I will be super busy today.  I have gotten three things out of the way.  And on to the fourth.  I am still hitting the gym, and soon will hit it harder.  I can’t think of anything to do other than lose weight.  I did quit my job at the movie theatre.  So I will really miss that.  It was fun being a projectionist.  There is one little funny guy at work, who can get annoying I can see that from 4 days in.  So we will see what happens with him.  Should be interesting.

Well I will post tomorrow kiddies, see you then.

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease


It’s Been Crazy

September 17, 2009

Well I see it’s been since June 15th since I made a post.  WTF is up with that?  I have no idea, but the main reason is for the transition onto the podcast, which may or may not being listened to.  However I should at least make a daily write up in here about what is going on.  So from now on I promise that I will make every effort to post.  Everyday. Yes you can get the Crazy Cubicle on iTunes once a week, so I suggest you subscribe to it.  If you want to subscribe to it directly I suppose I can help you with that.

Hey check it out there it is.  Recently I sat down with Napoleon from Watch With Mothers ( and we had a great conversation about WWM and what they are all about.  I think I am seriously their biggest fan, and that’s true because I do weigh an astonishing 375 pounds.  Not that I am proud of that, I just wanted to take the opportunity to plug another project I am working on (See I am very self promoting which may or may not be so good.) I am working on myself (biggest project of them all).  And I am going to chronicle the journey for those of you who are interested.  I am going to chronicle it on WordPress at and also I am starting another podcast to be done weekly as well here .  I really have no fear to put it out there that I am obese, and really I am going to stop talking about that here. I am going to do video blogs sometimes, and mostly podcasts.  It will be great. So check them out.

Ok before I go, I know Kanye is getting a lot of heat this week so I will lay off of him.  He knows it was wrong, so mark my words.

Kanye (Feat Taylor Swift) coming to your ears soon.  It will be a great end to a crappy story.  But we all know Kanye is like that after all he is the one who said that George Bush hates black people or something like that.

OK Talk to you all tomorrow. Laterz CC fans, love peace and chicken grease.